28 Mar

World Travel Awards 2018: Why You Should Vote for Reykjavik4You

World Travel Award nominations for Reykjavik4you

World Travel Awards Nominee: Reykjavik4you

Anyone who’s ever visited Iceland knows how special it is, and we put so much work into ensuring that our hotel apartments are an important part of every guest’s experience. All of our efforts have not gone unnoticed as we’ve been nominated for two awards in the upcoming World Travel Awards: the Best Serviced Apartment in Europe and the Best Serviced Apartments in Iceland. We would greatly appreciate it if people who have stayed with us or admire our apartments could vote for us in the upcoming World Travel Awards. You can vote for us here, and if you need a little convincing, we’d like to explain a bit more about ourselves and why we think we deserve to win! Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 20th May 2018!

Location Location Location

Often, one of the most stressful aspects of visiting a different country is staying in an awkward location and having to travel from your hotel or apartment to the various sites and attractions each day. So, staying in a city centre location can make a huge difference to anyone’s holiday. This is why all of the hotel apartments available here at Reykjavik4you are right in the centre of Reykjavik’ 101 area. Not only does this save you time; it also helps you feel as though you’re part of the city during your stay.

Reykjavik in Iceland viewed from above

Reykjavik is a truly beautiful city

Our Impressive Trip Advisor Reviews

To win one (or both!) of the World Travel Awards would be amazing, but we also believe that the best possible feedback any hotelier can receive is from its guests; and we’ve had some wonderful reviews over the years. Trip Advisor is, by far, the biggest reviewing platform in the tourism industry, and it’s completely independent, so hotels, attractions, and restaurants can’t change or curate their reviews at all. This feels like a true meritocracy, as the only way you can ensure you get good reviews is to ensure your guests have a brilliant time!

Trip Advisor Review Breakdown

Trip advisor reviews for Reykjavik4you

We think that the percentage breakup of our reviews across 835 reviewers speaks for itself. With 78% of our customers giving us an “Excellent” review and 18% a “Very Good”, we’re not sure we’ve seen any of our competitors with such an impressive record. It would be false modesty to pretend that our reviews weren’t fantastic; they really are a source of intense pride and we hope that our Trip Advisor record will encourage a few people to vote for us in the World Travel Awards, either in the Iceland or Europe categories! Take a look through our Trip Advisor reviews, read a couple, and judge for yourself whether you think we deserve an award… However, to save you time, here are a few snippets from some of our favourite reviews:

  • “Everything was clean and apartments were well equipped with all the cooking supplies you will need.”
  • “We got a two bedroom apartment and it was perfect for our family of four. It was comfortable and cozy and gave us plenty of room. It really felt like our home for the week. The location was perfect, as you could walk anywhere in town within 15 minutes. Free parking was nice because we had a rental car also.”
  • “On site team very helpful and friendly at all times. Highly recommended.”

We Provide A Full Tourist Service

Guests here at Reykjavik4you don’t just get a beautiful, fully furnished apartment; they also get a complete tourism experience as we have researched all of the best tours Iceland has to offer, including whale watching, The Blue Lagoon, and a minibus tour of the Northern Lights! We also provide a fully automated booking service that allows guests to book their bus or private vehicle to and from the airport. It’s these additional facets of our service that make our guests’ experiences of Reykjavik even easier and more enjoyable, and we’re always looking for more ways to boost our service!

Humpback whale breaching the water's surface

You can book a wide variety of tours and activities through Reykjavik4you!

We Offer a Range of Accommodation

The last thing we think is vitally important, is that a hotel apartment service provides several different options for different kinds of guests. If you only have one-bedroom apartments, you’re going to exclude families, and vice versa.  With studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, Reykjavik4you has a range of different room sizes to suit different guests and budgets. Although all of our apartments are decorated to the highest standards and are wonderfully warm and comfortable, they aren’t all identical, and we think this allows our guests to choose which level of service and space they need to ensure they have an incredible holiday.

Reykjavik4you apartments and accommodations

We offer a range of apartments to suit all needs and budgets

Despite the differences between our various Reykjavik hotel apartments, all of them come with parking, free WiFi, fully fitted kitchens, fully furnaced rooms, and all of our properties are right in the centre of the city, just a short walk from Reykjavik’s main shopping district.

We hope we’ve given you a few good reasons to vote for us in the upcoming World Travel Awards. Remember, voting closes at midnight on Sunday 20th May 2018!

Please get in touch if you have any questions for us and make sure you visit the World Travel Awards page to cast your vote for Reykjavik4you!