Is May the Best Time to Visit Iceland?

Iceland in May - waterfall
25 Apr

Is May the best time to visit Iceland?

Thinking about visiting Iceland in May? Iceland is one of the most popular tourist destinations right now. It seems that the rest of the World has finally realised how special Iceland is and we couldn’t be more pleased about it. With more interest from tourists, we’re often asked when the best time to visit Iceland is. The quick answer is that it differs from person to person because Iceland has incredibly diverse seasons — each month in Iceland with its own character. The longer answer would really be twelve different articles about why you should visit Iceland in each month of the year! For those of you considering a spring trip, here are a few reasons to visit Iceland this May…

Iceland in May - waterfall

There is less rain in May than any other month

Avoid the Biggest Crowds

The main reason some people visit Iceland in May is that it’s not the busiest season for tourists. Despite not being the high season, the conditions are still pretty great, with decent weather, sunlight, and a range of seasonal activities opening up.  If you love holidays but hate big crowds, then visiting Iceland in May is perhaps the best bet for you.

Weather in Iceland in May

For many, the weather in May is perfect for travelling around Iceland as it gets the least rain of any month and it is much less windy than in the previous winter months It is still a little cold for some travellers, however, who are visiting from warmer climes, but packing an extra jumper takes care of that problem! It may not be as warm in May as in the summer months, but this is the trade-off you make to avoid the busiest crowds.

Visit the Hot Springs When there are Fewer Crowds

Iceland in May - hot springs

The hot springs in Iceland are one of the most popular tourist attractions

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland are its hot springs. Due to the active volcanic activity, Iceland is a fascinating mixture of hot and cold, of steam and ice. It has several hot springs that tourists can visit, but these springs are sometimes far too busy in the summer months, so many visitors have found that May is a much better time to visit as the crowds of people at the hot springs are significantly smaller!

Sunlight in Iceland in May

The summer solstice is on June 21st. This is the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. As Iceland is so far North, it is famous for its long summer nights, which fascinates many guests who have never seen twilight last for several hours. The further into May you get, the longer the days are going to be. So, if you want to experience long days and bright nights, make sure you visit towards the end of May.

Raflost – Iceland Festivals in May

Iceland has different festivals throughout most of the year, and May is no exception. The main festival in May is Raflost. Raflost is a festival of electronic and media arts. It takes place in Reykjavik each May. Raflost is a fascinating mixture of artists, dancers, computer hackers, musicians, and anyone working in the visual arts. If you’re a big fan of electronic and media art installations and exhibitions, then May is the best time for you to visit Iceland!

Interior view of two bedroom apartment in downtown Reykjavik

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