3 Frakkar

3 Frakkar specializes in seefood and traditional icelandic dishes. The restaurant is located in the center of Reykjavik and just minuets in walking distance from Reykjavik4you Apartments. The restaurant is knowned for their special fish coursis made by the chef and owner Úlfar Eysteinsson. On the menu are several unique icelandic dishes for example sour whale, smoked lamb, shark, cod liver and many more.


Fish Market

Fish Market is one of the most popular seafood restaurant in Iceland. The restaurant is located in one of the oldest houses in central Reykjavík. Fish Market uses fresh ingredients to create modern seafood dishes. The owner Hrefna Sætran is a young and passionately creative chef who is also distungished member of the Icelandic National Culinary team. Fish Market specialize in seafood dishes but also serve meat and sweet dishes with exotic twist.



Kopar is a new restaurant by the harbour. It specializes in exciting dishes with new and old methods and recipes meet, traditional ingredients and suprising one. Kopar is also the first restaurant in Reykjavík to serve Icelandic rock crab. Also Kopar is famous for their tasty and exciting cocktails. You can enjoy your drink at their terrace by the old harbour.


Argentína Steakhouse

Argentína is one of the oldest steakhouse in Reykjavík, it has been a classic among the Icelanders since 1989 when the restaurant opened its doors.The main focus of the restaurant is steaks but they also serve seafood and Icelandic lamb.Very soothing,southern and comfortable atmosphere.Located just beside our apartments at Laugavegur 85, Reykjavik4you Apartments.


Sushi Social

Sushi Samba offers a unique fusion of Japanese and South american cuisine combined with the freshness of icelandic ingredients. The chefs are are among Iceland’s most talendted, with sushi as their passion. Also sushi samba serves all kinds of great and tasty cocktails. Sushi Samba is located near reykjavik4you apartments, just few minutes by walking.


Seafood Grill

The Seafood Grill is located at Skólavörðustígur just 3 minutes in walking distance from Reykjavik4you Apartments Hotel. The menu is simple and straight forward and the prices are reasonable. They have lunch menu, dinner menu and grill menu, you can have a classy meal in a stylish, yet informal ambiance. The Seafood Grill specializes in traditional icelandic food, seafood delicacies or quality meat and vegtable dishes. The restaurand was founded in the summer of 2011 by a young chef Gústav Alex and master chef and owner Lárus Gunnar.


The Grill Market

The Grill Market is a top quality grill restaurant founded by a team member from the Icelandic culinary, Hrefna Rós Sætran. The restaurant is located in central Reykjavik opened in 2011.
They work closely with local farmers and buy their produce from the farm. The Grill Market specializes in meat and fish, icelandic tradition dishes wih a modern twist.