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Airport Transport

You can choose between several options to get from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik4you Apartment in Reykjavik.

  • Airport Express Bus

    You can book Airport Express Bus from KEF-Airport to Reykjavik4you Apartmetns Hotel. The bus will wait outside the KEF-Airport arrival hall. You only tell the driver that you will be staying with us, Reykjavik4you Apartments Hotel. The Airport Express Bus will stop in front of our hotel at Bergstaðastræti 12. You can buy your ticket at the KEF-Airport arrival hall or book online. Please click here to book online.

  • Hotel Taxi

    Reykjavik4you Apartmetns Hotel offer a privarte airport transport with Hotel Taxi. The driver will wait for you in the airport arrival hall with your name and take you to Reykjavik4you Apartments Hotel. Max 8 passangers, price one way 15.000ISK for 4 passengers or less and 20.000ISK for 5 - 8 passengers. This service is needed to book in advance. To book a Hotel Taxi please send us e-mail or click here.

  • Road map

    To drive from KEF Airport to Reykjavik4you Apartments Hotel is easy if you know the way. To see the roud at Google Map please click  here.

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